Monday, May 11, 2015

Diary entery #1 | Mylifeasbrooklyn

After a day of dealing with less confidence, stress, doubt and pain I'm starting to think maybe going on a another trip to Miami doesn't sound like a bad idea. But seriously, I NEED to pass the 6th grade. I can't go to Summer School like my brother did in 5th grade. I mean I just felt so BAD for him, he had to get up early and stuff but I have to admit, going to summer school isn't nearly as bad as what some parents make there children do. And I guess I was just always afraid my parents were going to do the same to me if I didn't get my sh*t together! So from this day, I promise to step up my game in odder to be successful. I've been actually trying to do more school work, be more organize, and do my homework. Well trying to. School really no matter what grade you're in can be a real pain. Stress is a mess folks!!!!

~My phone
~ My computer
~ My curiosity
~ Everything that has to do with technology and curiosity

~God ( because I'm Christian like my family)
~My engorging mom
~ Youtube DIY organization videos n sh*t
~ the internet with helpful tips
~ Self support
~ Self Confidence
~ Luck

Remember to return Library book first thing in the morning!!!
keep organized.
Live dat hug life instead of dat thug life

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