Sunday, May 10, 2015

3 Main Reasons Why I Want To Not Wear Bras

Love these!
 3 Main Reasons Why I Want To Not Wear Bras

Here are 3  reasons why I choose not to wear them sometimes.......

1. They are very uncomfortable to me
~Bra straps make me cringe when I put them on. I can barely breathe when I'm wearing one and I just can't be myself. And this might sound weird but they make me go a little slower and I'm always itchy.

2. You are more stylish when it comes to backless dresses or backless tops
~So what if some people are staring at your nips, let em stare.

3. No Ugly Marks On Your Skin
I absolutely hate taking off my bra and seeing the marks it left on my skin. They make me feel some type of way...

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I hope this post was some what relatable if you're that type of girl who just can NOT stand bras!! Comment down below if this is helpful or not and i'll see you all next week with a brand new post :)))

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