Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice #2

Hi could you help me?? I'm in 4th grade and there's these girls at my school who threaten me constantly. They always threaten that they will steal my new phone. They have always been jealous of me and then when I got my new iPhone6 they were even MORE jealous of me so now they threatin me even more. I wanna tell someone, but alt the same time I dont. What shold I do????????? - Threaten Girl 

Hi Threaten Girl, well let me first start of by asking you're in 4th grade and you have an iPhone 6??? And if they continue threating you need to tell someone or just don't take your phone to school. People will steal so it's best that you don't take your phone to school to not risk losing it. I hoped that helped! Best of luck! -Brooklyn

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