Sunday, May 31, 2015

Advice #19

Hi my name is Martha. I'm 12 years old and I was wondering, am I too young to be thinking about sex?? I mean I have this crush and I've been having these dreams where me and him are like having sex. We are very close friends but these dreams have been making me all topsy tervy. I can't get my thoughts straight, all I think about is him. If I tell him about the dreams and that I like him it could really ruin our friendship. What should I do??????-Martha

Hello Martha! I'd like to first start of by saying yes, you are too young to be thinking about that. If the sex dreams are really getting on you and messing up your thoughts you might just need to tell your crush\good friend about the dreams. Don't make it too awkward though, you just need to straight up tell him that you've been having weird dreams and that you like him. And if he doesn't like you back it's fine, there are other fish in the sea. Best of luck! -Brooklyn

Advice #18

So I like this really cute boy but I think he likes my best friend. I haven't told my best friend that I liked him yet. But when I do tell her should I like tell her to back off?? Or maybe should I just tell her that I like him and that she needs to understand that.-StuckInTheLoveConfusion

I have had the same problem happen to me a few times. Your friend can't really help it if your crush finds her more attractive than you. Maybe you should just talk to her about it or something. Tell her that you really really like this boy and just talk about it. -Brooklyn

Advice #17

mY internet is working so slow what do I do- Imalwaysontheinterntandnowit'snotworkinggirl

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful world and take a break from the internet. -Brooklyn

Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice #16

Could you help me? Okay so there's this girl name Emily and she goes to my school and I'm SUPER jealous of her. She's popular and pretty and umm she's super RICH and gets to go everywhere. I don't even really know her and I already hate her. But when I'm around her I get very insecure and even more jealous. She's just so perfect ugh. Anyways I just wanted to know is it okay to be jealous?? Probably not but I just wanted to hear your opinion on the matter. -Totally Jealous Girl

Hello Total Jealous Girl! I want you to know that it's not completely bad to be jealous of someone. But she shouldn't make you feel insecure. I mean I get it, we all get a little insecure sometimes. But other times we need to see the great things about ourselves. Make sure you learn to love yourself when you are around Emily so your not so insecure all the time. And remember that nobody's perfect. Emily makes mistakes, just like everybody else on this earth. You judge Emily on the outside of her life but you really never know what she could be going through something on the inside of her life. So anyways, I hope that helped!- Brooklyn

P.S read this post:
^This will probably help you a little more :)

Advice #15

whats 13-50 I think that shit = god damn 47 - funnyassnigganameddaquanfaceassnigga

May I suggest you hire a math tutor
s0 me mommy tok me mony away n I wat to shot herr wat shold I di - 10 yar old

Advice #13

so um there was a big ass dick that jumped over the moon what was his name - big dick king


Advice #12


I hope your pimple isn't as big as your typing and as bad as your spelling. -Brooklyn

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Advice #11

I live with my parents and they are both at work and there's no food and I'm still really hungry omg- Totally Hungry Girl

I'm sorry but I can't really do anything about that. Try to find something to eat and please be patient until they get home. Or on their break time call one of them and tell them that you are starving! I'm really sorry about that and I hope you get some food soon!! -Brooklyn

Advice #10

I'm 12 and I wanna be a teenager so bad. I'm so sick of my parents saying your "too young" or not mature enough but really I'm probably the most mature one in the whole family. Any advice??? - Sick Of Being Treated Like A Little Kid

Hello Sick Of Being Treated Like A Little Kid! I can't really help you with that you kind of just have to deal with it. And enjoy your childhood while it lasts because it doesn't last forever!!! And be grateful, once you get to be a teenager you are expected to do a lot more and you don't really get the easy way out like you did when you where little. So instead of complaining cherish your childhood! - Brooklyn

Advice Girl #9

Hello I'm 10 and I wanted to know, what does masturbate mean?? I heard my sister who's 16 say that's what she does when she's turned on to her boyfriend. I don't know what that means help. -Totally Confused 10 Year

I don't really think I should be telling a 10 year old what masturbate means but your going to learn about it anyway. So just ask your sister or just use Urban Dictionary. I hope that helped. Best of luck -Brooklyn 

Advice #9

So there's this weird bump on my dick and I don't where it came from or how it go there. What should I do??- There's Something On My Dick Boy

Go to a doctor and get that thing checked on -Brooklyn

Advice Girl #8


Maybe you should try to get it out yourself instead of telling people your business while your sitting on a toilet. -Brooklyn

Advice #7

I wanna have sex with my boyfriend and im9 ;)- totally horny9yearoold

Ummmm you need some help, I suggest you go to therapy hun- Brooklyn

Advice Girl #6

I'm really hungry but there's no food In my house. I could really eat some Burger Kind or just SOMETHING. What should I do??? - Totally Hungry Girl

Hi Totally Hungry Girl! Maybe you need to call your parents and tell them to bring you some food. Or if you don't live with your parents you can simply get up and get some. I hope that helped :) -Brooklyn

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Advice #5

So I have this YouTube channel. And I just started 2 weeks ago and I already been getting a lot of hate. I guess it's because In one video I talked about me being a feminist and other video I ranted about this guy named Sam Pepper. People even been sending me death threats and now I'm thinking about leaving YouTube so I can just escape from all of this online bullying. But Idk really know what to do anymore, please help me!!! -Bullied Youtuber

Hi bullied YouTuber! Frist of let me start of by saying that's awful!! And I think you should not take the comments too personally. People can be really cruel and it's sick. I think people tend to forget that other people they may dislike are human too. But you know what??? If you want to keep doing it you just keep on doing it! And if it's too much for you to handel you just need to quit doing YouTube or change your videos about something else. All I can tell you to do is follow your dreams! And don't listen to the haters because they will hate! And if you want to talk about it I'm always here for you! Best of luck- Brooklyn

P.S please watch this video:

^I think this will help you :)

Advice Girl #4

Hi Brooklyn, I was wondering what's really 9+10? Cause I'm in 3rd grade and these kids at my school are always saying it's 21 and I don't think it really is. If it is, opps. But If it isn't what is it? And yes I know I'm really bad at math!!! - Totally Confused Girl

Hi Totally Confused Girl! The whole 9+10 thing is just a joke this little boy said on this website called Vine. And it's not 21 it's 19! LOL that's honestly just too funny xD - Brooklyn

Advice #2

Hi could you help me?? I'm in 4th grade and there's these girls at my school who threaten me constantly. They always threaten that they will steal my new phone. They have always been jealous of me and then when I got my new iPhone6 they were even MORE jealous of me so now they threatin me even more. I wanna tell someone, but alt the same time I dont. What shold I do????????? - Threaten Girl 

Hi Threaten Girl, well let me first start of by asking you're in 4th grade and you have an iPhone 6??? And if they continue threating you need to tell someone or just don't take your phone to school. People will steal so it's best that you don't take your phone to school to not risk losing it. I hoped that helped! Best of luck! -Brooklyn

Advice Girl #1

Omfg please help me!! So I was watching porn (mind ya business) and then my phone did this thing where it literally went off then tried to turn back on then it just did the same thing over and over again and now it's still doing it. So then I took it to my dad and told him what my phone was doing and he said he's gonna take it to the Apple store TODAY. And once they get my phone back on, PornHub is gonna be on my history. Omfg what should I do?????? :(((( -Totally Freaked Out About My Phone History Girl

Dear Totally Freaked Out My Phone History Girl, let me first start of by saying you shouldn't be watching porn in the first place. And don't worry, by the time they fix it Safari won't be on the front screen where you left it off. So do not panic! Just delete your history as soon as possible and don't watch porn! Porn can be addicting but trust me don't watch that stuff, there is a good chance somebody can find out that you are watching it! Best of luck- Brooklyn

Monday, May 11, 2015

Diary entery #1 | Mylifeasbrooklyn

After a day of dealing with less confidence, stress, doubt and pain I'm starting to think maybe going on a another trip to Miami doesn't sound like a bad idea. But seriously, I NEED to pass the 6th grade. I can't go to Summer School like my brother did in 5th grade. I mean I just felt so BAD for him, he had to get up early and stuff but I have to admit, going to summer school isn't nearly as bad as what some parents make there children do. And I guess I was just always afraid my parents were going to do the same to me if I didn't get my sh*t together! So from this day, I promise to step up my game in odder to be successful. I've been actually trying to do more school work, be more organize, and do my homework. Well trying to. School really no matter what grade you're in can be a real pain. Stress is a mess folks!!!!

~My phone
~ My computer
~ My curiosity
~ Everything that has to do with technology and curiosity

~God ( because I'm Christian like my family)
~My engorging mom
~ Youtube DIY organization videos n sh*t
~ the internet with helpful tips
~ Self support
~ Self Confidence
~ Luck

Remember to return Library book first thing in the morning!!!
keep organized.
Live dat hug life instead of dat thug life

Sunday, May 10, 2015

3 Main Reasons Why I Want To Not Wear Bras

Love these!
 3 Main Reasons Why I Want To Not Wear Bras

Here are 3  reasons why I choose not to wear them sometimes.......

1. They are very uncomfortable to me
~Bra straps make me cringe when I put them on. I can barely breathe when I'm wearing one and I just can't be myself. And this might sound weird but they make me go a little slower and I'm always itchy.

2. You are more stylish when it comes to backless dresses or backless tops
~So what if some people are staring at your nips, let em stare.

3. No Ugly Marks On Your Skin
I absolutely hate taking off my bra and seeing the marks it left on my skin. They make me feel some type of way...

Thanks For Reading Sassy Unicorns!!
I hope this post was some what relatable if you're that type of girl who just can NOT stand bras!! Comment down below if this is helpful or not and i'll see you all next week with a brand new post :)))