Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice Girl #1

Omfg please help me!! So I was watching porn (mind ya business) and then my phone did this thing where it literally went off then tried to turn back on then it just did the same thing over and over again and now it's still doing it. So then I took it to my dad and told him what my phone was doing and he said he's gonna take it to the Apple store TODAY. And once they get my phone back on, PornHub is gonna be on my history. Omfg what should I do?????? :(((( -Totally Freaked Out About My Phone History Girl

Dear Totally Freaked Out My Phone History Girl, let me first start of by saying you shouldn't be watching porn in the first place. And don't worry, by the time they fix it Safari won't be on the front screen where you left it off. So do not panic! Just delete your history as soon as possible and don't watch porn! Porn can be addicting but trust me don't watch that stuff, there is a good chance somebody can find out that you are watching it! Best of luck- Brooklyn

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