Friday, May 29, 2015

Advice #16

Could you help me? Okay so there's this girl name Emily and she goes to my school and I'm SUPER jealous of her. She's popular and pretty and umm she's super RICH and gets to go everywhere. I don't even really know her and I already hate her. But when I'm around her I get very insecure and even more jealous. She's just so perfect ugh. Anyways I just wanted to know is it okay to be jealous?? Probably not but I just wanted to hear your opinion on the matter. -Totally Jealous Girl

Hello Total Jealous Girl! I want you to know that it's not completely bad to be jealous of someone. But she shouldn't make you feel insecure. I mean I get it, we all get a little insecure sometimes. But other times we need to see the great things about ourselves. Make sure you learn to love yourself when you are around Emily so your not so insecure all the time. And remember that nobody's perfect. Emily makes mistakes, just like everybody else on this earth. You judge Emily on the outside of her life but you really never know what she could be going through something on the inside of her life. So anyways, I hope that helped!- Brooklyn

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