Friday, December 18, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Advice #21

I just transferred from a all black school and now I'm at a all white school. Not joking, I'm literally the only black girl in the school. And since the first day I was there I got a lot of racism and hate and I still do. I try to tell the teachers but they don't listen. I'm sick of all this racism, dumb kids who even raised them??? Anyways, what should I do?????

Aww I'm sorry. Don't take their comments too personally they are probably jealous of your African American beauty. Let them hate, they'll keep hating on you to the point where you become successful and when you become successful is how you get revenge :)-Brooklyn

Advice #20

I know but who straight up says "I've been having sex dreams with me and you and I like you." Um no, he will think I'm a total weirdo and he will think I'm thirsty for him. Remember like I said before, I'm not trying to ruin our friendship!!!! - Martha

Okay find then, cut the part where telling him about the dreams out. You just need to tell him that you like him and you've been thinking about him a lot, but not in a weird way. Make sure you tell him that he makes you feel special but do NOT mention the sex dreams. I hoped that helped, I'm sorry for my past advice it was very atrocious. -Brooklyn

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Advice #19

Hi my name is Martha. I'm 12 years old and I was wondering, am I too young to be thinking about sex?? I mean I have this crush and I've been having these dreams where me and him are like having sex. We are very close friends but these dreams have been making me all topsy tervy. I can't get my thoughts straight, all I think about is him. If I tell him about the dreams and that I like him it could really ruin our friendship. What should I do??????-Martha

Hello Martha! I'd like to first start of by saying yes, you are too young to be thinking about that. If the sex dreams are really getting on you and messing up your thoughts you might just need to tell your crush\good friend about the dreams. Don't make it too awkward though, you just need to straight up tell him that you've been having weird dreams and that you like him. And if he doesn't like you back it's fine, there are other fish in the sea. Best of luck! -Brooklyn

Advice #18

So I like this really cute boy but I think he likes my best friend. I haven't told my best friend that I liked him yet. But when I do tell her should I like tell her to back off?? Or maybe should I just tell her that I like him and that she needs to understand that.-StuckInTheLoveConfusion

I have had the same problem happen to me a few times. Your friend can't really help it if your crush finds her more attractive than you. Maybe you should just talk to her about it or something. Tell her that you really really like this boy and just talk about it. -Brooklyn

Advice #17

mY internet is working so slow what do I do- Imalwaysontheinterntandnowit'snotworkinggirl

Go outside and enjoy this beautiful world and take a break from the internet. -Brooklyn